About Us

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Our Philosophy

Abroad We Go believes it is important to peel back layers of the cultural onion to reveal nuances and secrets that were seemingly easy to miss at first glance.  Travel should push you outside your comfort zone, force to you to befriend strangers, and entice you to venture off the beaten path.

We consider ourselves responsible travelers, which means traveling in a way that is culturally, environmentally, and economically conscious. Wherever possible, we try and give back to the local community.  You will be accompanied by our local group concierge who will share their knowledge with you to promote greater cultural understanding. You will have the opportunity to meet locals, experience traditional customs and gain regional knowledge, thus contributing to your overall experience.

Every Journey delivers extraordinary experiences, immersive cultural contact, and adventure! Come abroad with us and open your mind, heart, and soul to the vastly diverse world that surrounds you!


Ross Lonsdorf, Founder of Abroad We Go

I have been an intrepid traveler for the last 35 years, organizing and curating custom travel itineraries for nearly as long. I love exotic locations, people, culture, and food. I have an affinity for taking the road less traveled. I often venture into areas where gift shop guidebooks won’t advise you to go and where many starch-collared travel guides may not lead. I’m glad to be able to share my passion, insights and love for travel through Abroad We Go.