Frequently Asked Questions



Do couples get a discount?

Yes, your per person rate will be lower than if traveling alone. See pricing information on the webpage.

What does a typical day look like?

Well that varies, You could pick up fresh produce at the local farmers market, spend the day at local art galleries, or venture outside the city and explore. It’s all up to you, to enjoy at your own pace.

Who will be in my group?

In general, your group will be made up of adults ages 50+, most of whom are couples. We only advertise in the US and Canada, so it is safe to say most people in your group will be English speaking North Americans.

Do I have to join the group for the entire trip?

Yes, we are only accepting applicants for the full journey.

How many people will be on the trip?

We will have no more than 45 adults along for our journey.

Can I apply with a group of friends, church group or colleagues?

Yes, absolutely the more the merrier.

Can I bring a friend or significant other?

Yes absolutely, you will also get a discounted rate if you both travel and stay together.

Can I go off and explore by myself or with other members of the group?

That is the idea, to live like a local, explore and immerse yourself in the culture.

How much should I budget for food and personal expenses?

Well that varies widely depending on your interests. At a minimum you should budget $ 50 per/day per/person for food and incidentals.

What will the weather be like?

The cities we have chosen have mild climates year-round. Temperatures below 40 or over 90 degrees are abnormal during the time of year you will be traveling. However, some of the countries have mountainous regions where weather could be cooler than stated above.

What should I pack?

Pack light. Most of the cities you will be in have mild climates year-round. If you feel in need of something, it’s always fun to add to your wardrobe along the way.

What are my luggage limitations?

Abroad We Go will cover the cost of a standard size check-in bag and 1 carry-on bag per person. Additional charges for additional bags will be at the traveler’s expense.

Can I bring pets or children?

Abroad We Go is not set up to accommodate pets or children, but family is always welcome to visit; however you will be responsible for travel expenses, as they will not be part of the program.

What about Wi-Fi?

The cities you will live in as your home base in each country have free Wi-Fi in most restaurants and cafes. You can stay connected to friends and family at home or check your email or facebook on a regular basis.

Will my cell phone work? What will it cost?

Yes, in most populated areas and cities your cell phone will work just as it does in the US. Text messaging is typically about $.20 per text, and phone calls are typically less than $1.00 a minute. Check with your specific carrier to ask about specific costs and the possibility of adding an international plan to reduce your rate and get free talk, text and internet while abroad.

Where can I do laundry?

Our lacal concierge will have information for you on locations to do laundry or inexpensive laundry services that will do it for you. Washers and dryers are a luxury in most of the world, so laundry services are plentiful and inexpensive.

Will I be able to stay in contact with my business during the trip?

Yes, most locations will have good cell phone coverage and available Wi-Fi, so checking emails or keeping up with a business you are involved with should not be a problem.

Are activities included in the cost of the trip?

Activities like taking a cooking class, language course or excursions to other cities are not included in our itinerary and therefore, are not included in the cost of the trip.

What are accommodations like?

We use clean, furnished 1-bedroom and studio apartments in central locations with all utilities hooked up and ready to go. Apartments in most international cities are small by American standards. Laundry services will also be available in each city.

Are outbound and inbound flights included?

All flights between destinations on the program are included, but your outbound and inbound flights are not. For the sensational south America itinerary, you will be responsible for your transportation to and from Bogota Colombia. For the Magnificent Mediterranean itinerary, you will be responsible for your transportation to and from Rome Italy.

What if I need to leave while on the program?

No problem you are free to come and go as you please. If you need to leave, whether it be for a wedding, family holiday or emergency, you are free to go and return. However you will be responsible for your additional travel expenses.


What are the visa requirements for this program?

Visa requirements are entirely dependent on your country of citizenship. A useful resource for determining your Visa requirements is located here. During the application process, we ask that you inform us of your country of citizenship, so that we can personally discuss any visa requirements with you.

What are the passport requirements for each country?

You must have a passport valid through January 15, 2019.

Does Abroad We Go cover the costs of visa(s)?

Because visas requirements are not consistent among all participants, we ask that each participant covers the cost of their own visa(s)if they are required.


When is payment due?

To secure your spot we ask that you make a payment of $2,995 per person as soon as you are committed to the Journey of a lifetime. The additional balance due of $7,000 double occupancy per person or $13,000 single occupancy is due no later tham March 16, 2018.

How can payments be made?

Payments can be made by check or credit card.


How can I see a doctor or fill a prescription?

Your local group concierge will be your point of contact when you need a referral to a doctor or a local pharmacy to fill a prescription. All of the cities you will be living abroad in have first-rate doctors, medical services, pharmacies and hospitals, usually at a fraction of the cost of US healthcare.

What will be done to guarantee safety?

Abroad We Go takes every precaution possible to ensure the safety of you and your group. We hand select centrally located safe areas for your accommodations. Your local group concierge will provide you with embassy information in each city, and the local knowledge to keep you safe.

What about travel and medical insurance abroad?

Abroad We Go strongly recommends that you have travel and medical insurance. You will need to contact your agent regarding specific coverages you may or may not have. Abroad We Go does not sell travel travel or medical insurance. We recommend that you shop around for the specific coverages you want. Here are a couple websites you may want to research.


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